Профессиональные грунты для выращивания рассады всех видов декоративных, овощных и плодовых культур
Easy handling and uncomplicated crop management, which does justice to the plants’ requirements, make peat as a raw material the most reliable basic material for gardening substrates. terracult peat stands out due to its consistent high quality and the fact that it is permanently available.

Advantages of Raised Bogs at a Glance

Physical Advantages
~ High structural stability for block peat qualities
~ Large pore volume
~ High air capacity provides healthy rooting
~ High water-holding capacity ensures an adequate water supply
~ Good drainage characteristics
Biological Advantages

terracult peat contains neither plant-damaging pathogens nor pests as it is harvested from production areas that have not been agriculturally used. Damping and decontamination procedures are not necessary because the peat is practically free of weed seed.

Chemical Advantages
~ High buffer qualities towards unfavorable pH values or water salinity
~ Free of herbicides

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